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Ionic in English

Ionic may be the biggest SIM game stable in Finnish SIM horse world. It has been around since 2004 so it is also one of the oldest active stables, too. That means Ionic is a fairly well-known stable. Unfortunately for any foreign visitors, Finnish language is used in Ionic. There is an English version and originally in 2004 there were plans of creating bi-lingual stable. However, nowadays the English version is badly outdated and English language has pretty much disappeared. Every now and then we have a desire to change the language from Finnish to English but with more than 1000 horses, it's not a small project. For example, Google Translate provides somewhat accurate translations from Finnish to English.

Apart from its size and age, Ionic has always been very famous for owning and breeding rare breeds. Currently there are about 80 different breeds in Ionic. Some breeds are small (1 or 2 horses), some breeds are big (several hundreds of horses). Ionic is purely a stud farm, we breed horses and do nothing else. This means that our horses are not shown. This is quite different compared to other Finnish SIM game stables. The other difference is the horse's page, Ionic's horses usually don't have long stories about their temperament, behavior, and pedigree, no diary entries and such. Our SIM game horse "philosophy" is minimalism, the horses have only a name, basic information, a pedigree, list of progeny if there's any, and, in best cases, a picture. This reveals that we only breed horses, everything else is unnecessary. And when there are more than 1000 horses, there's no time for unnecessary things.

The biggest breed bred in Ionic is Arabian, even though it is not especially rare one. We have more than 500 Arabians, mostly they are from Ionic's own bloodlines. Breeding Arabians started at the beginning in 2004 so we have a long history with them. Arabians are also used for crossbreeding (Anglo-Arabs, National Show Horses, riding ponies, Quarabs, warmbloods, and so on).

We also breed regularly the following breeds:
– Anglo-Arabs
– Budjonnys
– Connemara Ponies
– European Warmbloods (mostly Finnish Warmbloods and Trakehners)
– Frederiksborgers
– Gidrans
– Highland Ponies
– Icelandics
– Kisber Felvers
– Knabstruppers
– Morgans
– National Show Horses
– New Forest Ponies
– Noniuses
– Paint Horses
– Paso Finos
– Poitevins
– Quarter Horses
– Rocky Mountain Horses
– Russian Riding Horses
– Saddlebreds
– Tennessee Walking Horses
– Tersk Horses
– Thoroughbreds (for riding, race horses are in another SIM game stable)
– Ukrainian Riding Horses
– Welsh Ponies and Cobs (all sections)
– Wielkopolskis

And then there is a long, long list of small breeds which are not specifically bred or have been bred earlier but now we are just trying to get rid of them: Murgeses, Kladrubers, Lipizzans, Exmoors, Dales Ponies, Hackney Ponies, Furiosos, Pura Raza Espanolas...

It's possible to buy horses from Ionic even though we don't have any special list of horses for sale. Usually the best option is to contact us via email (vtionic@gmail.com) and tell us that you would like to have this or that kind of a horse, do we have any and can we sell one for you. Usually we are not willing to sell the current horses, more often we propose a foal bred specifically to you. In this case, you can select the sire and dam, whether the foal is a colt or filly, and usually also have some impact to foal's name.

Our SIM game horses don't age a year by year but basically a year by month. Please take this into consideration if you want to buy a horse from Ionic or sell one for us. Usually the foal is born in near future, sometimes it is possible that the foal has been born a little bit earlier but never several years earlier. It is your choice how the foal ages when you buy it but the date of birth is what it is. And the same goes with horses bought to Ionic, it will age perhaps more quickly than its sire and dam and will be marked as dead in 2-4 years.

- Sirpa

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