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RBSH in English

Kuten tiedettyä, RBSH on virtuaalinen hevosrotu ja koska se on Suomessa kehitetty, ei sitä tunneta ulkomailla. Ulkomainen virtuaaliharrastaja kyllä ymmärtää rodun nimen, Russian-based Sport Horse, muttei tiedä mitä se tarkoittaa ja mikä se ylipäänsä on. Niinpä meiltä joskus kyseltiin RBSH:n rotu- ja polveutumismääritelmien käännöstä englanniksi LJ:n sivuille, mutta nähtävästi sitä ei olla toistaiseksi sinne päivitetty. Kirjoitan tähän kuitenkin sen käännöksen ja tätä postausta saa linkittää ulkomaisille harrastajille, jos haluaa kertoa mikä on RBSH.

Russian-Based Sport Horse (RBSH) is a virtual horse breed developed by Finnish SIM horse enthusiasts. So far all the information about RBSH have been written in Finnish. This blog post provides an English translation of RBSH breed standard and breeding regulations. Keep in mind that this "breed" exists only in virtual world! You can have a Russian – TB cross in real world but it is not RBSH. If you have some questions about RBSH, please email us ( or leave comments within this blog post.

Russian-based Sport Horse (abbreviated RBSH) is a virtual horse breed, not a real one though it has some background in the real horse world. The starting point of RBSH are crosses between a Thoroughbred and some Russian horse breed which are quite popular in Russia as riding horses. The virtual RBSH is based on this idea although it can have some variations.

Every RBSH must meet these conformation standards as perfectly as possible but keep in mind that RBSH is originally a sport horse, not a show horse. The breed descriptions goal is to provide a conformation suitable for best possible performance.

General appearance
RBSH must give an appearance of somewhat elegant, lightly-built and nicely proportioned horse with a good self-carriage. It must have an appearance and conformation of a good riding horse. It may resemble Throroughbred.

Height at withers
RBSH must stand over 150 cm (14.3hh), the ideal height is 158–172 cm (15.2–17.0hh).

Head must be elegant, eyes and nostrils are large. The profile must be straight or slightly dished or slightly concave. Arabian-style head with extreme dish is not desirable. Ears are pricked and alert. The size of the head must be in proportion to neck and body. Too big head is a fault.

Neck must be long, elegant and and it is well set to the shoulders. Ewe neck is a fault. Stallion may have a heavily muscled neck. Arched neck is allowed. Throatlatch must be clean.

Shoulders must be long and well sloped. Withers must be well defined. There must be a good depth at the girth. The chest must be moderately wide. A slightly long back is not considered as a fault if it is otherwise strong. The loin must be short and strong. The croup must be long but not too sloping. The hindquarter must be muscular and well-proportioned.

Both fore- and hindlegs must be placed well under the body. Legs must be dry and have not any conformational faults. The legs are slender and joints well-defined. Forearm and gaskin must be long and well-muscled. Cannon bones are ideally short but slightly long cannon is not a serious fault.

Hooves must be round, well-formed and hard.

Movements in all gaits must be straight, ground-covering, active, with good impulsion and regular in rhythm. The RBSH must bear itself well in all gaits. The walk must be elastic and energetic with good cadence. The trot and the canter are light and free with clear suspension.

Coat, hairs and colours
The coat of RBSH is short, shiny and silky. Scarce hairs are not considered as a fault. All solid colours are acceptable, also a sabino with high socks, white head marks and spots under the belly.

RBSH must be co-operative, active and intelligent to be well suited as a sport horse.

Goals of breeding
The goal of RBSH breeding is to create light, elegant and tough horse whose conformation, size and movements are suitable for all equestrian sport disciplines. The type of the RBSH must be light, maybe resemble slightly Thoroughbred and usually lighter in build than European warmbloods.

Breeds allowed in RBSH breeding
The foundation bloodstock of RBSH is consisted of Russian saddle breeds, Thoroughbreds and Anglo-Arabs.
The accepted Russian breeds are:
– Akhal-Teke
– Budyonny
– Deliboz
– Russian Don
– Iomud
– Kabarda horse
– Kustanai horse
– Novokirghiz (New Kirgiz)
– Tersk
– Turkmen
– Russian Riding horse (Orlov-Rostopchin)

The pedigree of RBSH must consist of 25% of these Russian breeds at minimum. There may be one or more of the Russian breeds in the pedigree. It is recommended that the amount of Thoroughbred and/or Anglo-Arab is 25% at minimum but it is not compulsory. RBSH can be a cross between two of the Russian breeds. The Anglo-Arab used in RBSH breeding must have 50% or more Thoroughbred blood. All horses used for RBSH breeding must fulfill the conformation standards of their own breed.

translated by Sirpa, the original text © Virginia

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